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Should You Buy Christmas Gifts For Your Escort?

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Unwrapping The Xmas Etiquette With London’s Best Agency

Unsure whether to give your escort a gift or not? Then take some advice from the leading escort agency in London.

It can be difficult to know how to show your escort that you appreciate her at Christmas. You’ll have shared a great deal of physical intimacy with her, but at the end of day your relationship is professional. So it’s natural to be worried about overstepping a line. Dolls and Roses, the leading escort agency in London, get so many enquires from clients wondering if they should buy their elite escorts in London gifts or not. The answer? Yes!

Showing that you care

Buying your escort a gift for Christmas is a great way of showing that you’re grateful for all that she has done for you. Christmas is the busiest time of year for the best escorts in London, and they will often be dashing from appointment to appointment with little time to rest.  Imagine if you had been putting in extra hours at the office only to receive no thanks or a token of appreciation? So a gift will show them that all of the hard work they have put in, not just right now but over the whole year, hasn’t gone unnoticed by their favourite clients.

Gift ideas

So what should you buy your escort? Well, there are a number of gifts that she would love. Lingerie will always go down well, especially if it’s from one of the many luxury underwear boutiques in London. Jewellery is a guaranteed hit too, and the same goes for clothes. You don’t have to spend a lot to wow your escort though. The girls at Dolls and Roses know that not every guy has a lot of cash to spare, so they will be just as happy with a little box of chocolates or some perfume. It’s the thought that counts after all!

Be generous, not crafty

It’s fine to treat your escort to a Christmas present, but never use a gift to pressure her into doing something. Saying that you’ll treat her to a gift only if she does something that she’s refused to previously will mark you out as a client to avoid. A true gentleman gives a present without expecting anything in return. If you do that, your escort will lavish you with care and attention anyway – so it always pays to be nice!

Tips work too

If you’re a busy guy, then it’s not always possible to get out there and find the perfect gift. Or some of us are just forgetful! That’s fine. If your appointment fast approaching and you don’t have a gift for your escort, then just be generous with your trip instead. This will show your escort that you still really appreciate her services, and you can tell her to treat herself to something special.

Be the perfect gent this Christmas

Whatever you decide to get your escort for a Christmas treat, be sure to make your last appointment before Christmas as romantic as possible. You could dine at an outstanding London restaurant, or spend the night at a five star hotel. Making such an effort will mark you out as a real gentleman, and your escort will certainly remember that in 2019 and beyond!

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