She’s a 22 yrs. old escort service and her boyfriend doesn’t know

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She is a 22 years old student and worked as an escort service in London and her boyfriend doesn’t know it. By day, she is an ordinary looking backpack-lugging individual wearing converse indistinguishable along the hordes of students, workers, and tourist rushing along London streets, by night she is dressed like an expensive date of a corporate senior executive waiting to be picked up. She’s been doing this for a few months now. Curiosity is what motivated her to do it aside from being naturally fascinated with sex due to her age. She was actually interested in the escort service trade since she was sixteen. That when the time came for her to move out of her parent’s place and transferred to another city completely independent from family and relatives that she began to consider applying for the job. While in the university, she emailed and immediately hit it off with the agency owner.

Her typical day begins with attending a two-hour class trying hard to look interested in the discussion about medieval romances and secretly giggling at the idea of a complete irony of the topic in contrast with the nature of her work. Then her work shift begins at six and ends at twelve. A client would sometimes want to have dinner first. Usually at around seven so her driver would pick her up at six-thirty.

Part of the job of an escort service is to provide social and conversational services to a client. At initial encounter, she may establish the connection by engaging in easy conversation, laugh, joke or even consider seriously discussing politics and religion––though that is not encouraged with clients you don’t know at the risk of offending them. Let them talk; get to know them first. They will ask about her, in which she may give half-honest answers. They don’t touch each other in public. To everyone else, it probably looks like he’s catching up with the daughter of an old friend.

At the client’s London apartment a glass of wine on hand, she lets clients initiate the first touch. Most of them like to know they are in control of this experience, and she is petite enough to play submissive convincingly. Most of them enjoy simple pleasures––a naked woman, an attractive one, is often enough. Those who are kinky will say so, she had peed on clients, whipped them, been slapped and choked by phalluses of both fleshy and plastic construct, but they have always asked first. In this context, one has to be vocal about his wants as it’s a matter of consent.

As sexual kinks go she is fairly open-minded, she had dominated, been dominated. She might probably do number two on somebody if the price was right. (Standards!) She draws the line at anything that would leave a mark, which includes heavier torture (no burns, bruises or whip marks. The reason for this is she has a boyfriend and she does not want him to know about his job.

No, her boyfriend does not know that she is engaged in escort service job. Though he knows that she is curious about it for a long time but he never knew that she is already into it. He knew that she had another job as an excuse for leaving the house. She kept text messaging any agency communication. This is the biggest issue she is having with this job. She knows that it is not okay for her boyfriend that she is having intimate relationships with another aside from him. However, it has made her a better girlfriend. She is more attuned to her boyfriend’s needs, and is much more selfless, partly due to the guilt, partly due to the similar role she play in the job.

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