Priorities of an Escort Service Worker

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Work as an escort service worker is a walk through a candy store. There are a lot of appealing things surrounding the work but in reality, the job is complete with many dangerous situations and stressful clients. Determination and strength is essential to survive in this line of business. The job calls for a skilled service worker and this is where service workers shine best in comparison to most jobs. An escort service worker is expected to accompany or ‘escort’ a client through an agreed duration of time and attend to satisfy his needs. This brings us to the main focus of this job, which is customer satisfaction.

It is escorts in Edinburgh job to accompany the client and ensure that the client is satisfied through the duration. This includes going on a date with the client on a restaurant bar and carrying out a light conversation. Sometimes, the client will require the worker to attend a party as his company. Throughout the night, the service worker keeps the client entertained by utilizing superb communication ability. Sex is regarded as part of the job but there are cases where sex is left out of the client’s wishes.  Most of the customers or clients on this business are men on business trips far from home. They desire company and pleasure after a long day of stressful work. After a couple or more hours, the escort worker will bid farewell to the client thus bringing end to the night.

There will be countless nights where things may go out of hand. Not every client will be an honorable gentleman. Some will be jerks while some will be absolute drunkards. Throughout the night, an escort worker will only have one priority in mind. That is money, their goal, and their safety. Safety being the first priority of every escort service worker. Despite any remarks from others and superiors that customers are the priority and their satisfaction must be put first, always stay safe. Speak with other escort service workers and gain information about how to deal with some situations.

During the escort service, providing the client with his needs is important. However, this is not as important as knowing your limits and sticking with what you can do. It is easy to be carried away when alcohol is included in the client’s request. Maintain your sense of professionalism and resist any temptations the pleasuring atmosphere of the job offers. Be safe whenever sex is involved and make sure that strict hygiene and precautions are observed. When offering sexual services like oral, anal, fetishes, and kinks, use protection and learn to say no if the client decides to bring it to the extremes. Sexual services are fine as long as the client and the escort are safe and away from any potential threat. It is better to judge people accordingly rather than suffer great consequences afterwards. Keep your money safe and if possible, placed where only you can find it. Keep an eye on your belongings and attire. Regularly get a checkup to maintain good health practice. Great amounts of discipline will help you get through and last long in the escort business.

From transportation to physical contact, an escort service worker must maintain a calm and level mind. Being prepared of any incident that may or may not happen is important. Being well informed about a client or a certain trick used by customers with other harmful intentions may save an escort worker’s life. The worker must be ready to call appropriate authorities when necessary. Keep your safety and comfort as your number one priority at all times.

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