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Should You Buy Christmas Gifts For Your Escort?

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Unwrapping The Xmas Etiquette With London’s Best Agency

Unsure whether to give your escort a gift or not? Then take some advice from the leading escort agency in London.

It can be difficult to know how to show your escort that you appreciate her at Christmas. You’ll have shared a great deal of physical intimacy with her, but at the end of day your relationship is professional. So it’s natural to be worried about overstepping a line. Dolls and Roses, the leading escort agency in London, get so many enquires from clients wondering if they should buy their elite escorts in London gifts or not. The answer? Yes!

Showing that you care

Buying your escort a gift for Christmas is a great way of showing that you’re grateful for all that she has done for you. Christmas is the busiest time of year for the best escorts in London, and they will often be dashing from appointment to appointment with little time to rest.  Imagine if you had been putting in extra hours at the office only to receive no thanks or a token of appreciation? So a gift will show them that all of the hard work they have put in, not just right now but over the whole year, hasn’t gone unnoticed by their favourite clients.

Gift ideas

So what should you buy your escort? Well, there are a number of gifts that she would love. Lingerie will always go down well, especially if it’s from one of the many luxury underwear boutiques in London. Jewellery is a guaranteed hit too, and the same goes for clothes. You don’t have to spend a lot to wow your escort though. The girls at Dolls and Roses know that not every guy has a lot of cash to spare, so they will be just as happy with a little box of chocolates or some perfume. It’s the thought that counts after all!

Be generous, not crafty

It’s fine to treat your escort to a Christmas present, but never use a gift to pressure her into doing something. Saying that you’ll treat her to a gift only if she does something that she’s refused to previously will mark you out as a client to avoid. A true gentleman gives a present without expecting anything in return. If you do that, your escort will lavish you with care and attention anyway – so it always pays to be nice!

Tips work too

If you’re a busy guy, then it’s not always possible to get out there and find the perfect gift. Or some of us are just forgetful! That’s fine. If your appointment fast approaching and you don’t have a gift for your escort, then just be generous with your trip instead. This will show your escort that you still really appreciate her services, and you can tell her to treat herself to something special.

Be the perfect gent this Christmas

Whatever you decide to get your escort for a Christmas treat, be sure to make your last appointment before Christmas as romantic as possible. You could dine at an outstanding London restaurant, or spend the night at a five star hotel. Making such an effort will mark you out as a real gentleman, and your escort will certainly remember that in 2019 and beyond!

Russian escorts from La Belle Affaire

The Best Russian Blondes in London

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Why You Should Book a High-Class Escort Tonight

If you’re looking for escorts who are beautiful, intelligent and seductive, then you should brush up on your Russian!

Are you looking for the best Russian escorts in London? Then you’re in luck! For a long time the location of these premium London escorts has been a closely guarded secret, but the cat is now out of the bag! The best Russian escorts can be found at La Belle Affaire. Read on to find out what makes them so special.


Russian women are famed all over the world for their gorgeous good looks. Some of the most famous blonde supermodels in the world, such as Valentina Zelyaeva, are Russia born and bred. If you want to spend the evening with a woman with supermodel good looks, then it’s time to call La Belle Affaire. They have carefully selected only the most beautiful Russian Escorts in London to come and work at their agency. So you’ll be able to hire a companion who will turn heads everywhere you go.

Not just pretty faces

Right, so they’re gorgeous – but surely these Russian babes must be more than pretty faces if they’re the most in-demand escorts in town? Well, you’d be right! Russian escorts aren’t just seriously sexy, but they are blessed with confidence, intelligence and charm too. The Russian ladies at La Belle Affaire are well travelled, multilingual and highly educated, and can hold their own in any setting, be that an office Christmas party or a meal at one of the best restaurants in London. Plus, they have a really cheeky sense of humour and love to have fun!


Russian escorts are some of the most adventurous in the business. These hot honeys will stop at nothing to leave their partner completely satisfied, and will be able to help you fulfil some of your wildest, most sensual fantasies. They love to dress up in sexy underwear for their clients, and will be happy to perform a saucy striptease to get you in the mood at the start of your appointment – or slip into a naughty costume of your choosing. It’s no wonder that the Russian blondes at La Belle Affaire have developed quite the reputation. So if you want to be seduced by a breathtaking seductress, you know who to call!

You get what you pay for

It’s always better to hire your Russian escort through a premium London agency. Yes, there are lots of Russian girls advertising an incredible service for an equally incredible price. Sadly, appointments with these girls don’t often live up to expectations. By getting in touch with a high-class escort agency, you’ll be guaranteed a date with a girl who looks exactly like she does in her photos, and who is exceptionally talented. As well as that, you can trust that your privacy and reputation will never be jeopardised. Yes, you may spend a little more – but it’s Christmas after all!

Go on, book yours today!

Now that you know where to find the best Russian escorts in London, why not book an appointment and see what all the fuss is about? We guarantee that after you’ve experienced a night with an elite Russian blonde from La Belle Affaire, you won’t ever want to go back to another kind of escort. So what are you waiting for?!

She’s a 22 yrs. old escort service and her boyfriend doesn’t know

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This article was submitted by a high class barcelona escort.

She is a 22 years old student and worked as an escort service in London and her boyfriend doesn’t know it. By day, she is an ordinary looking backpack-lugging individual wearing converse indistinguishable along the hordes of students, workers, and tourist rushing along London streets, by night she is dressed like an expensive date of a corporate senior executive waiting to be picked up. She’s been doing this for a few months now. Curiosity is what motivated her to do it aside from being naturally fascinated with sex due to her age. She was actually interested in the escort service trade since she was sixteen. That when the time came for her to move out of her parent’s place and transferred to another city completely independent from family and relatives that she began to consider applying for the job. While in the university, she emailed and immediately hit it off with the agency owner.

Her typical day begins with attending a two-hour class trying hard to look interested in the discussion about medieval romances and secretly giggling at the idea of a complete irony of the topic in contrast with the nature of her work. Then her work shift begins at six and ends at twelve. A client would sometimes want to have dinner first. Usually at around seven so her driver would pick her up at six-thirty.

Part of the job of an escort service is to provide social and conversational services to a client. At initial encounter, she may establish the connection by engaging in easy conversation, laugh, joke or even consider seriously discussing politics and religion––though that is not encouraged with clients you don’t know at the risk of offending them. Let them talk; get to know them first. They will ask about her, in which she may give half-honest answers. They don’t touch each other in public. To everyone else, it probably looks like he’s catching up with the daughter of an old friend.

At the client’s London apartment a glass of wine on hand, she lets clients initiate the first touch. Most of them like to know they are in control of this experience, and she is petite enough to play submissive convincingly. Most of them enjoy simple pleasures––a naked woman, an attractive one, is often enough. Those who are kinky will say so, she had peed on clients, whipped them, been slapped and choked by phalluses of both fleshy and plastic construct, but they have always asked first. In this context, one has to be vocal about his wants as it’s a matter of consent.

As sexual kinks go she is fairly open-minded, she had dominated, been dominated. She might probably do number two on somebody if the price was right. (Standards!) She draws the line at anything that would leave a mark, which includes heavier torture (no burns, bruises or whip marks. The reason for this is she has a boyfriend and she does not want him to know about his job.

No, her boyfriend does not know that she is engaged in escort service job. Though he knows that she is curious about it for a long time but he never knew that she is already into it. He knew that she had another job as an excuse for leaving the house. She kept text messaging any agency communication. This is the biggest issue she is having with this job. She knows that it is not okay for her boyfriend that she is having intimate relationships with another aside from him. However, it has made her a better girlfriend. She is more attuned to her boyfriend’s needs, and is much more selfless, partly due to the guilt, partly due to the similar role she play in the job.

Priorities of an Escort Service Worker

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Work as an escort service worker is a walk through a candy store. There are a lot of appealing things surrounding the work but in reality, the job is complete with many dangerous situations and stressful clients. Determination and strength is essential to survive in this line of business. The job calls for a skilled service worker and this is where service workers shine best in comparison to most jobs. An escort service worker is expected to accompany or ‘escort’ a client through an agreed duration of time and attend to satisfy his needs. This brings us to the main focus of this job, which is customer satisfaction.

It is escorts in Edinburgh job to accompany the client and ensure that the client is satisfied through the duration. This includes going on a date with the client on a restaurant bar and carrying out a light conversation. Sometimes, the client will require the worker to attend a party as his company. Throughout the night, the service worker keeps the client entertained by utilizing superb communication ability. Sex is regarded as part of the job but there are cases where sex is left out of the client’s wishes.  Most of the customers or clients on this business are men on business trips far from home. They desire company and pleasure after a long day of stressful work. After a couple or more hours, the escort worker will bid farewell to the client thus bringing end to the night.

There will be countless nights where things may go out of hand. Not every client will be an honorable gentleman. Some will be jerks while some will be absolute drunkards. Throughout the night, an escort worker will only have one priority in mind. That is money, their goal, and their safety. Safety being the first priority of every escort service worker. Despite any remarks from others and superiors that customers are the priority and their satisfaction must be put first, always stay safe. Speak with other escort service workers and gain information about how to deal with some situations.

During the escort service, providing the client with his needs is important. However, this is not as important as knowing your limits and sticking with what you can do. It is easy to be carried away when alcohol is included in the client’s request. Maintain your sense of professionalism and resist any temptations the pleasuring atmosphere of the job offers. Be safe whenever sex is involved and make sure that strict hygiene and precautions are observed. When offering sexual services like oral, anal, fetishes, and kinks, use protection and learn to say no if the client decides to bring it to the extremes. Sexual services are fine as long as the client and the escort are safe and away from any potential threat. It is better to judge people accordingly rather than suffer great consequences afterwards. Keep your money safe and if possible, placed where only you can find it. Keep an eye on your belongings and attire. Regularly get a checkup to maintain good health practice. Great amounts of discipline will help you get through and last long in the escort business.

From transportation to physical contact, an escort service worker must maintain a calm and level mind. Being prepared of any incident that may or may not happen is important. Being well informed about a client or a certain trick used by customers with other harmful intentions may save an escort worker’s life. The worker must be ready to call appropriate authorities when necessary. Keep your safety and comfort as your number one priority at all times.

Difference between incall and outcall

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The world of escorting business and services is growing and many people are finding new ways to make their services better. One of the new ways is brought upon the new age of technology and internet. This new concept is the escorting business is called ‘incall and outcall escort services’. As read, there are two of them where both concepts oppose each other. Before the internet made this possible, escorting services only allowed people to offer their services through a company or agency. The only way to advertise or spread the information is by either word of mouth or even obscure newspaper placement. Today, we have online agencies that offer a safer and easier way of advertising the service.

So these outcall and incall services are related to the new and refined way of how escort services work. Escorting services before were made on private houses or residences while others are made on motels or hotels. Today, services are brought to either the place of the client or the place of the worker instead. This is where outcall and incall services come in. Incall services are done when the client or customer travels to the place of the service worker, while outcall services are done when the service worker travels to the client or customer’s place instead.

The client comes to the place of business of the escort on Incall, whereas the escort goes to the place where the client is staying on Outcall. The simplicity of the sentence above masks the huge difference between the two concepts. So what else is different from these two? Here are the main differences between the two.

In in call escorts Cheshire and Stockport, the escort service workers have a choice to either rent an apartment or just set up their own homes as the appointment place. In outcall, on the other hand, this decision is left to the client whether they want the appointment to be done in their own place or a hotel.

If a service worker decides to work from home, this will complicate things a bit and will require him or her to sacrifice anonymity and proceed to set up a professional workspace for the service. An outcall worker will be free from this kind of extra work.

An incall worker will feel more secure and safe in her own place than in a client’s place or hotel. This is because a place prepared by clients may have recording devices hidden inside the room. Outcall workers will need to be more wary since they will have no control of the place.

It is important to consider that not all escorts would be willing to do both. Most of them would have a preference. Either incall or outcall, the best thing to do would be to discuss the topic and agree on either of the two. Some companies or agencies require the client to come and prove their identities before they allow an escort worker to travel to the client’s place. This is one of the many security and safety measures done by escort agencies to keep their escort workers safe. After all, the end goal of the escort service company is to promote customer satisfaction, and to provide both client and worker’s safety.